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YOU Are the Brand!

Branding is essential no matter where you are in your professional life—whether you have a job or are looking for a job; whether you are a veteran in your field or a newbie; whether you are working in a company or working for yourself. The tips, strategies and tools in Steve Adubato’s new book YOU Are the Brand are sound, proven, and effective and will help you reach your goals.

You Are the Brand is a “hands on” guidebook to making yourself stand out in your chosen field.

“The heart of speaking is speaking from the heart and Steve Adubato has mastered this important art form and shares with you its mighty secrets.”
-- Mark Victor Hansen, Co-creator #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul

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YOU Are the Brand,
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Advance Praise for You Are the Brand:

“Steve's expert advice helps you cut through the clutter to stand out and be recognized.  His insights are invaluable and make me wish I'd had You Are the Brand when I was starting out as a young entrepreneur over twenty years ago.”

--Bobbi Brown, New York Times best selling author and founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

“As the country’s foremost media expert, Steve Adubato has made himself THE go-to brand for radio and television producers across the nation. There’s a LOT we can ALL learn from him. Follow the advice Steve lays out in this book. You WON’T be disappointed!”

--Scott Lakefield, Program Director, WOR / New York

“Steve is one of the bestaround when it comesto communicating a message. You Are The Brand renews that high position in which he is held by top professionals.”

--Marty Appel, Marty Appel Public Relations
Long-time New York Yankees PR Director

“Steve always has a refreshing take on the eventsof the day. His voice brings clarity to confusionand his passion isalways designed to give more light than heat.”

--Jim Bell, Former Executive Producer
TODAY show

“Steve’s book leaves out one very important chapter -- the Adubato brand. Built from hard work combined with intellect, inventiveness and insight, he is a case study all need to examine and learn from. He has affected more people and businesses in a positive manner than I can count and I'm fortunate to have such an extraordinary person in my life.”

--Nick Matarazzo, Chief Executive Officer
Jumpstart Automotive Group

“We live in a message-filled world, and the trick is to cut through the noise. In You Are the Brand, Steve tells us how to do that by creating a concept -- a brand -- that captures the hearts and minds of your target audience.”

--Fran Durst, Northeast Communications Manager
Wachovia, A Wells Fargo Company

“In a world of media blow-hards, Steve Adubato is one of the last bastions of dignity and grace. He is a true media expert with real world experience in both the private and public sector and his advice is spot on. You Are The Brand takes you behind the scenes and reveals surprising approaches to building a personal or business brand -- I highly recommend this book.”

--Michael Port, NY Times Bestselling Author of
Book Yourself Solid
and The Think Big Manifesto

“Quite simply, Steve Adubato gets it... he has the unique capacity to bridge Wall Street to Main Street and his perspectives and insights are right on target and useful in dealing with everyday challenges.”

--Robb Sansone, Executive Vice President, CFO
Fedway Associates, Inc.

“As usual, in You Are the Brand, Steve cuts to the quick and distinguishes between the act of branding and providing brand value. Image without substance won't do the trick, but this book tells you how to create branding strategies that will help you stand out in a crowd of competitors.”

--Lucia DiNapoli Gibbons, Northern New Jersey Regional President
Wells Fargo

“Steve's number should be automatically programmed into the cell phones of every executive, celebrity, athlete, and politician in America. His intelligent, no-nonsense advice offers a strategic way to contain, control, and condenseany p.r. crisis.”


“If you are interested in developing a slogan, this book is not for you. Success requires Brand consideration, and Steve provides you with the blueprint to get there!!”

--Fred Graziano, Head of Retail Banking
TD Bank

“Steve Adubato's realistic and to the point approach in You are the Brand, will prove to be an invaluable tool for those navigating their way through the process of achieving their ‘branding’ dream!”

--Caroline Manzo, Real Housewives of NJ

“In this confusing and ever changing world of marketing and branding, Steve Adubato’s book You Are the Brand will help you make the connections you need to make.”

--Neal Shapiro, President & CEO
Thirteen/WENT (PBS)

“Steve Adubato has the uncanny ability to drill down to the messages that matter most when building, growing or defending a brand – whether delivered in an intimate conversation or a broad public forum. This is why so many successful organizations seek his unique style of counsel.”

--Stephen K. Jones, FACHE, President and CEO
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

“As Steve Adubato demonstrates on his show, in his teachings, and now in this book, branding is one of the most important marketing tools for corporations and individuals.You are the Brand provides an in-depth look at the brands that are standing strong, as well as ones that coulduse an image boost. The case studies, coupled with Steve's insight from years of experience in this arena, give readers the tools necessary to successfully define and further develop their brands. I recommend this book to corporate leaders who are looking to differentiate their companies in a crowded marketplace.”

--Patrick C. Dunican Jr., Chairman & Managing Director
Gibbons P.C.

“Steve Adubato has provided critically important executive coaching and professional development at our firm. He understands our world and the challenges our partners and those who hope to be partners face when it comes to leadership and communication. He has made a big difference at JH Cohn.”

--Tom Marino, CEO
JH Cohn

“I love Steve Adubato because he’s informative and so knowledgeable. We simply can’t live without him.”

--Rosanna Scotto, Co-Host
Fox 5 “Good Day New York”

“Steve Adubato is a pro! My hat goes off to Steve because there are only a few great interviewers and communicators around. When you’re dealing with someone who cares about what they’re doing, it’s always a great experience.”

--Suze Orman, Financial Guru and Host of CNBC’s
“The Suze Orman Show”

“I have long known and respected Steve Adubato and his work; it’s the reason I’ve always enjoyed working with him.”

--Dan Abrams, Former GM MSNBC
Founder Abrams Media Network

“Steve is a great guy. We’re kind of one in the same in that we’re both Jersey boys and grew up that way—Italian families. We understand each other…His new book ‘You are the Brand’ is a must read.”

--Buddy Valastro, Star of TLC’s Cake Boss

“Steve has tremendous energy… It’s quite remarkable. He’s bright, he gets right to the point, he cuts through the clutter, and keeps it interesting. I thought his questions were right on.”

--AJ Kubani, Founder “As Seen on TV”
CEO, Telebrands of Fairfield

“Steve is one of the best in the business. He always gets the gist of what you need to say.”

--Jonathan Alter, Newsweek Columnist
Author, The Promise: President Obama, Year One

“Steve is great. He has a way of getting to what I call the essence of the subject matter.”

--Richard Vezza, Publisher
The Star-Ledger

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